📋 Overview

I joined Seecking over the summer as a UX/UI design intern where I worked on redesigning the current website and revamped the user onboarding and job applying flows.

Seecking is a startup that aims to make recruiting fair for all through a diversity-focused platform. During the internship, I had the opportunity to work alongside developers, other designers, and the CEO. I was able to learn about startup cultures and make meaningful relationships during my time with the company :)

What I did

*While this internship is under NDA, I am allowed to show parts of the internal candidate system and pages that are considered public.

Previous design of the event page

My redesign

Design Process

📚 Research

My first step was to research Seecking's direct and indirect competitors. This helped me understand what elements or features that work and can be apply to the current design.

I was given the freedom to redesign the current system in any way that I want, so while there was freedom, there was also pressure. I wanted to make sure that my design is consistent with the company's guidelines and vision while adhering to UX/UI principles.



The first thing that I wanted to redesign is the side navigation bar. There were icon inconsistencies and the use of color did not reflect the brand's guidelines. I used alternative icons, and incorporate colors that are consistent with the company's design system.

Old vs new design


✨  Communicate my design decisions

Since it was a small startup, I worked directly with the CEO and he would be the one to finalize our designs. I learned how to effectively explain my design process and reasonings behind it, instead of just saying because it looks good. I also learned how to receive constructive feedback and use it to iterate my designs.

✨  Collaborate

When handing off my design for the first time to developers, I was met with questions about what happens if a user clicks on certain things, and it helped me realized what I need to put into considerations for my next design.

I was fortunate to be able to work very closely with the developer team. They were able to answer my questions regarding if a feature or design is feasible, and I was able to incorporate their feedback right away which saved us time in the long run.

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